The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Mid-Michigan represents the interests of business owners and companies that operate, manage and service Mid-Michigan’s commercial building industry.


BOMA Mid-Michigan was established in 1985. Its members represent a wide range of commercial industry and services including manufacturing, finance, insurance, HVAC, housekeeping, interior and exterior plant landscaping, utility providers, construction, transportation, design, healthcare, security, education and property management.


We conduct monthly luncheon meetings hosting a wide range of  topics pertaining to Maintenance/Facility Managers during the months of January thru May and September thru November. If you are interested in coming in to talk to our local chapter or know of a topic you might be interested in, please contact Nicole Badgero @ Badgero@mayottearchitects.com. Over the summer we get together for our annual golf outing featuring; golf, skill holes, prizes, and loads of fun. Contact us if you are interested in attending the outing or one of our meetings.


BOMA Mid-Michigan’s mission is to promote healthy, safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly, and aestetically pleasing commercial buildings and environments through leadership, education, research, information and professional development.


BOMA Mid-Michigan is a part of over one hundred North American and nine overseas affiliates of BOMA International.


For additional information, please view our BOMA Membership Brochure.