The Mid-Michigan BOMA Advantage

We turn pennies into dollars.

At a time when every item in your budget must justify its cost, Mid-Michigan BOMA membership is more valuable than ever. For a membership cost of around one cent per square foot—a single penny—BOMA’s advocacy continues to save you building operating expenses of up to $1.00 per foot. That’s a potential return of nearly 10,000% on your investment.


How does BOMA do it? Advocacy. From owner and tenant representation with utilities to lobbying and legislative representation at federal, state, and local levels, BOMA is constantly working to reduce the unnecessary taxes, costs, and regulations that make it hard for you to do business. Why do we do it? Simply put, because it’s why we’re here—to help owners, real estate professionals, and service providers in Lansing Michigan and throughout Ingham County, keep and grow the value of their real estate investments.

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